@shutupsara: @brandonnn made me tear up during his microtalk. The man speaks truth with a fervent and infectious belief

@manojalpa: I cannot summarize what @brandonnn is saying, but it's fantastic, beautiful; champion the creators who remind us of our childhood. #gdc11

@tomkillen: No one seems to speak of games in their broader cultural context than @brandonnn - inspirational #GDC11 #microtalks

@danielben: @brandonnn I am going to make my next game include everything in your list of important words...

@MituK: alright, @brandonnn is killing it in this talk, quite frankly. #gdc

@abestein: Truth. Thanks for using your time to speak to this! RT @Jasonbartfast: Great talk @brandonnn a lot of us feel this way

@ranarama: @brandonnn your microtalk was bloody brilliant.

@robotkid: @brandonnn Powerful speech today, buddy. Myself and other folk were definitely moved! Nice one!

@UntoldEnt: @brandonnn's #microtalk was a little too hipster for my taste. "Lookit these creators you've prolly never heard of. Me so cool." #gdc11

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