"Roll Call - State of Electronics" is my latest Preview release of my upcoming documentary about the History and "State" of the Electronics Industry in Australia. Although it is very much centred around the Australian Electronics Industry, I think much of it will not only sound familiar to people in other parts of the world but resonate loudly with them.

In this Preview entitled "Roll Call", the Cast from my documentary have the opportunity to introduce themselves and tell us a bit about what they do. It's not meant to be a traditional trailer but rather "Extra Material" that will not appear in the final documentary.

As usual, please go to my website for more information on the project at karlvonmoller.com

I wish to take this opportunity to personally thank all the contributors. Many have gone far above and beyond what could be termed "reasonable" to supply images, time and valuable information. From the bottom of my heart thank you!

Below is a list of contributors:

Mike Osborne (Electronic Engineer/Retired)
Gary Johnston (Jaycar/Electus Distribution)
Matthew Connell (Chief Curator the Powerhouse Museum Sydney)
Ian Debenham (former Curator the Powerhouse Museum Sydney)
Campbell Bickerstaff (Curator the Powerhouse Museum Sydney)
David Demant (Senior Curator Museum Victoria)
Ian oToole (Curator Kurrojong Radio Museum)
Stephen Jones(VJ, Computer Historian & Author)
Clare Gervasoni (Curator University of Ballarat)
Graeme Hood (Electronics Engineer Lecturer University of Ballarat)
Dick Smith (DSI)
Andrew Greatbatch (Silanna Semiconductor)
Peter Atanackovic (Silanna Semiconductor)
Bill Petrski (AIG)
Owen Hill (Earthsafe)
Eugene Ruffolo (Rockby Electronics)
Andrew Griffiths (Resurrection Radio)
Matthew Pryor (Observant)
David L Jones (EEVBlog)
Leo Simpson (Publisher of Silicon Chip Magazine)
Doug Ford (Doug Ford Analog Design)
Andy Gelme (Programmer)
Jonathan Oxer (Freetronics/ Author "Practical Arduino")
Grant Petty (Blackmagic Design)
Chris Nicol (Chief Technology Officer NICTA)
Ian McLean (Former AWA Technician/Rockwell Collins)
Kevin Poulter (Freelance/Journalist/Historian)
Jurij Semkiw (Retired/Former CSIRAC Engineer)
Colin Mitchell (Talking Electronics)
Peter Thorne (Former Head of Computer Science Melbourne University)
John Spencer (Former CSIRO Programmer/Retired)
Kay Thorne (CSIRAC)

In addition there are many other contributors including organisations such as:

The Powerhouse Museum Sydney
Museum Victoria
the Kurronjong Radio Museum
Silanna Semiconductor
University of Ballarat
Blackmagic Design
Hanna Print
Rockby Electronics
Jaycar Electronics Ringwood
Rodney Champness
Andrew Brawley (Silanna Semiconductor)
Lynnette Foo
Tom Vasey
Damian McDonald
Lorayne Branch
Richard De Silva
Piers Shervington (Cochlear)
Margot Egan
Melanie Lane
John McIlwaine
Judi Hughes

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