Masurian Lake District, North East Poland, Sniardwy, the biggest lake in the country. All frozen. Locals drive across the lakes to cut short to their destinations. The ice is aroung 40-50 cm thick. It is able to support a bus or a van. During the IInd World War Germans used to drive their tanks across the lakes. Yet people still drive full speed. Some of them... drive even faster. Night and day.

The drivers: Krzysztof Oleksowicz, Mariusz Stec, Bartosz Ostałowski and others.

Camera & Editing: Maciej Puczyński

Additional camera: Wojtek Rytel

Graphic Artist: Sebastian Mucha

Help and support: Sebastian Sokal, Piotr Jasiński

Sound Design by Filip Kuncewicz

The video in the way it is was actually inspired by the music used: Perfect Circle, The Outsider, Apocalypse Remix.

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