A videoessay by Julius Richard & Covadonga G. Lahera: cinentransit.com/text/julius-richard-y-covadonga-g-lahera/dando-a-luz/222
Footage: Window Water Baby Moving (Brakhage, 1962), China (Antonioni, 1972), Extreme Private Eros (Hara, 1974), Milestones (Kramer, 1975), The Passing (Viola, 1992), Kyanq (Pelechian, 1993), Tarachime (Kawase, 2006), Wide Awake (Berliner, 2006)
Music: "Killshot" by Ben Frost & "We are water" by Health.
"Light: world's skin" (Pacheco).
For Studies Purposes Only.

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