A little background :

Initially I set out to film some beautiful scenic images from the location you see in the video, and this was what I originally shot. However as I was walking away from the location I saw an image of the mountain on fire.

It was from that initial image that the edit developed it's self. I have always had quite a dark outlook from my personal films and I think this is reflected well in this concept.

The actual film is an art board for a film I intend to push forward, I need a good script writer to help me develop the narrative and tie it together, is this you?

Filming :
I shot this on my own with a monopod and by resting the camera on my back pack. I looked through the viewfinder and used a coke can for focus reference, you can see on one of the shots the focus is out. All filming, editing, effects work and soundscapes were created by me, barring the odd effect from heqc.

Any questions please get in touch, as I mentioned I am looking for a script writer or additional help in the Yorkshire area, wanna get involved? buzz me.

Andy Lunn
07801 234 307

ps. I have been getting a lot of nose bleeds at night recently, and having looked into it online there is a suggestion it may be Alien abduction! is this film my need to explain? I had to finish it, it took over me for 3 days.. :)

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