The Healthy People 2011 conference is dedicated to bringing food back into view. Come back to the table and learn from lifestyle medicine experts about where our food comes from and how it affects our personal, social, economic and environmental health!

Healthy People 2011 features these and other world-class presenters on topics crucial to improving our nutrition, our health, and the U.S. food system!

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
Director, Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute
Ending the Coronary Artery Disease Epidemic (author of Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease)

Dr. Harold Goldstein
Executive Director, California Center for Public Health Advocacy
The Role of Public Policy in Changing the Food and Beverage Environment

Dr. Loel Solomon
Vice President, Community Health, Kaiser Permanente
The High Cost of Cheap Food

Jeffrey Smith
President & Founder, Institute for Responsible Technology
The Impact of Food Choice: Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

Keith Fentonmiller
Senior Attorney, Federal Trade Commission
Food Marketing to Children and Adolescents: the FTC’s Perspective

Healthy People is the premier conference on lifestyle and chronic disease! March 8-9, 2011

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