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"Wirral Council is taking Roger Hayes to Birkenhead county court for non-payment of council tax.

Mr Hayes, chairman of The British Constitution Group, claims the council tax is illegal and imposed without his consent.

His stand has won support from all over the country, and demonstrators travelled miles to protest outside the court building.

But, as judge Michael Peake tried to get the case under way, Mr Hayes repeatedly demanded whether he was "on oath of office".

Judge Peake insisted it was a "properly constituted court", and said if Mr Hayes had a complaint it was an issue he could take up later.

But Mr Hayes again asked if he was on oath of office and when he did not get an answer he was happy with, said: "Sir, I am obliged to arrest you for contempt of court and treason."

Two supporters of Mr Hayes then attempted to make the arrest but were stopped by police."

People of this land unite together for justice in peaceful lawful rebellion.


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