Ah, Summer. Remember Summer? We think we might be starting to. It feels like we've been living in permanently wet socks and girding ourselves against the elements for a hundred years. That's how much this past Winter sucked. Fuck you Winter, you gave us a real bad time this year! But it's okay now; Spring kind of showed up after making us wait for way too long, and soon Summer will be upon us like a pack of wild jackals, wearing board shorts and Wayfarers. It seems like maybe global warming is real, because Winter and Summer are more extreme and the in-between seasons seem to shorten from three months into six weeks. But we're hoping that Summer lasts as long as Winter did, and for good reason... look at our new collection!

Like for Spring, we got a slick video to tease our upcoming lookbook that teases the release of the Summer clothes themselves. This video was shot totally in Los Angeles and shows off some more of our favorite music artists and friends. 12th Planet is in it. Then there's Diplo, with lil' Diplo AKA Diaperlo. We've got The '87 Stick Up Kids, who's debut we'll be releasing later this week. Then we've got our pally Nathan from Wavves smoking pot and playing videogames. The Glitch Mob are in there, fucking around in a room full of gold records. Electronic bros Nadastrom can be seen walking around, looking in store windows. We got LA Weekly cover stars Tearist, who can be seen bouncing around in front of the F-Haus. Congorock's jumping around some caves. HEALTH is there, too, taking a little stroll around their nabez. And finally, there's Pictureplane, who we love to pieces.

Gonna be a lotta tanks and tees, and some button-downs for good measure. Fitteds and cheap sunglasses. Shorts and laziness. Not shaving and just jumping in the ocean instead of bathing…it's gonna be one hell of a smelly season. Some us are threatening to go for that "desert island castaway" look: every now and again they'll just give themselves a gentleman's shower with a bar of soap in a bar bathroom. Man, we’re gonna drink so much and do so many drugs that John Belushi's ghost is going to appear and grant us three wishes. Oh yeah! Summertime, here we coooooooooome!

A note: You may notice our "Nuke 'Em" cap at the start of the video, on 12th Planet. The cap was designed over a year ago, and the lookbook and this video were shot before recent events in Japan. I know we've been known to push the boundaries of good taste, but we couldn't in good conscious release it after the tragedies that have befallen Japan. In the past week we have worked with New Era to destroy the entire run.

Shot & Edited by Eric Maldin | maldinfilms.com


12th Planet | 12thplanet2012.com

Diplo | twitter.com/diplo

The '87 Stick-Up Kids | the87stickupkids.com

Wavves | wavves.net

The Glitch Mob | theglitchmob.com

Nadastrom | nadastrom.com

Tearist | myspace.com/teariststst

Congorock | congorock.com

HEALTH | healthnoise.com

Pictureplane | plainpictures.blogspot.com

"Hold On (12th Planet Remix)" by Rusko
"Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)" by Nalepa
"Touching Transform" by Pictureplane


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