This was filmed the night before bro left for aussieland. haha it was damn last minute and spontaneous but im quite happy we still filmed it. It was damn funny cos i had no machine or shit to allow the camera to hover over the two( for that specific angle), and since i couldnt step on them, i had to do a lovely graceful split, with both legs at opposite sides of the bed, and furthermore i had just returned from cycling that day. i have to emphasis that we filmed for about 2 hours becos i think we crotch deserves some credit for this HAHA

so the end result is a pretty choppy video, an overstretched groin, and a pocketful of experience to fuel me in future filming.

Done during my National Service days. I wanted to do a series of portraits of my close friends, family and lovers. Instead of using still frames, I filmed the videos based on their individual characters or situations.

Song: moksha by caspian

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