Direction: Francesca Araiza Andrade, Julia Ostertag 2011

A documentary about a globally interconnected scene, built on autonomy and solidarity, has declared war on capitalism and the status quo :
Whether they are squatters in Barcelona, antifascists in Moscow, queer inhabitants of Berlin's self-governed trailer
parks, Dutch unionists, or ageing activists of England's CRASS collective - they can all be brought down to one
common denominator : their protest and music as their means and tool to express it.
Consequently, two filmmakers set off on a journey through subcultural Europe.
In an authentic and complex contemporary document, they tell about members of the DIY scene in different countries -
about the protagonist's motivations, their shared aspirations and ideas of utopia and how they - manoeuvring
between reality and idealism - create a parallel universe that functions under its own rules

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