On September 12, five of us set out to take photos to use in the poster for the new musical, Illyria, based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

Cara Reichel, the show's Director, brought her SLR film camera, while Yonatan Freund was taking digital pictures. Kat West, great Stage Manager that she is, made sure everything was running smoothly, and I videotaped the photo shoot.

At the center of it all was Jessica Grové, who plays "Viola" in the musical. She let us torture her under the cold, cold, pouring rain for over an hour, and even waded out barefoot into the unknown gray waters, all with a smile on her face.

Despite the nasty weather (which was perfect for the "shipwreck" look!) everyone had a fun time, and the photos turned out great. I wish we could have made several versions of the Illyria poster, just to use more of the pictures by Cara and Yoni.

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