Time Lapse 2011: Momentum is a fun project of mine for this year. It's named Momentum because that's exactly what I've been gaining more of lately as I continue to shoot time lapses; this all becomes more fun and rewarding each time I go out to document a scene....who knows where it take me!

Time lapse photography is a magical thing; it allows us to view the passing of time in a way that we could never see otherwise. As humans we are thoroughly aware of, but are also caught up in, time's passing. And if time is a linear entity, then it's through videos like these that I seek to temporarily remove the viewer from that line and offer a different perspective on the world around them. I very much enjoy seeing these results after experiencing the actual scene in real life. It always amazes me how I can make images in the hottest, coldest, dirtiest, smallest, most boring or precarious locations....but come out with such gracefully dramatic images. In the end, the deepest thanks go to Mother Nature for never failing to put on an amazing show.

Shot in Southern California....some of the things you see are the Ventura Pier and San Buenaventura State Beach area, the Lake Casitas Recreation Area, Rose Valley Falls (Los Padres National Forest), Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and more!

Thank you all so much for your support and feedback,
Cheers to my viewers and our growing time lapse community, now go experience the outdoors!

-Chris Giordano

Canon 7D and 5D
16-35 f/2.8L
50 f/1.8
70-200 f/2.8L
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly

"The Bioluminescence of the Night"
James Horner
Avatar Soundtrack

Amazing music from James Horner, go for the deluxe version!

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