And here we are! You've finally put down our last issue and now we throw this on your plate. This meal is all you can eat. It sure is hard being you.

Eight time world champ Guilherme Tamega doesn't surf like an Aussie and he never will. "I don't give a fuck for criticisms," are his exact words. He also mentions the spider Mike Stewart once trained to sting him in his sleep (believe it!). Then, we stand and applaud twenty year old photographer Chris Gurney, he's shot a much deserved feature on the Canary Islands. You should see it.

Eddie Solomon's got a tumor on his spine, of all things. We visited the saviour of American bodyboarding at his home in California, and there's good news. Hubb and Romero flap their wings in Maui, Rocky flips onto our front page in P-Pass, camera whiz Shadbolt cruises Samoa with a van of hooligans. Try not to fall in love with their infectious personalities.

Thanks to our unbeatable roster of lensman we've loaded gallery after gallery, and it's all meat, no fat. But we don't want to spoil it for you here, so listen carefully: remove your fins, run fast to your newsagent, swipe a copy of issue seven and live happily ever after.

Issue 7 is now available online through our store, all leading bodyboarding stores and your local newsagents. For those lucky enough to own an iphone head over to itunes download the app and grab a digital version of the issue for the new low price of $2.49.

Enjoy our promo clip and keep it classy.

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