Seemed like a good day for some adventure.
Bet you've never been here!?
We will be crossing the San Andreas Fault that runs the length of California and beyond into the Pacific. We 4-wheel across the fault, and climb to the brow of the Indio Hills, take a look at the BADLANDS, and get 360 degree panoramic view of this beautiful hidden area at sunset. 03-26-2011
Important Notes:
What appears to be just some loose sand as you approach the line, is in reality very much like dry quicksand, and very dangerous! The most important thing - KEEP MOVING. You stop . . . YOU'RE STUCK
(or worse)! People have had their vehicles entirely swallowed up in this unassuming and unexpected phenomenon. The best way to get across the active fault line here, is in a four wheel vehicle, and be prepared . . . you'll need some driving skill.

I just wonder what would happen if you were crossing it when we are experiencing a 7.0 + earthquake?
Hm m mm . . . . ?

Artrix Studios production
Olympus C-3030 zoom
Shot on location: to the first brow of the Indio Hills "Badlands" in Southern California, USA
Natural lighting, and post production editing in Windows Movie Maker 2.6, and Windows Live Movie Maker
Standard 4:3 aspect ratio
Music: Buddha-Bar, Volume 7 Disk 1, track 8 - "Postales" composer: Frederico Aubele
04:01 minutes

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