Steadicams are everywhere, but rarely seen... until now.

Four brides, a dancer, and a planner loved the Steadicam so much that they came back for more!

A brand new dance, celebrating the awesomeness of the Steadicam... with Rachel Sanzeni, Kristen Lima,
Elizabeth Talty-Faust, Deborah Thompson, Jasmine Rice, and wedding stylist/planner Tamieka Jones.
Song by Sergio Mendes and the Black Eyed Peas.

See how it's done, so YOU are ready to dance anytime there's a Steadicam around.

Edited by Bruce Cullen. Dance choreography by Rachel Sanzeni:
Photography by Nick Carter: Tamieka Jones:
Dream Images Steadicam cinematography by Bruce Cullen, Michael Ursone, and Jonathan Mullen.
Go to our website: Additional video by Chris Lima:

Dream Images real life motion pictures

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