Kathryn, My Love by Pandit off of Eternity Spin.
Lefse/Waaga Records

The funnest weekend with my best friends. Lance says it just right.

During the pre production of the 'Pack Your Bags' video, Tyler T Williams and I found we had a lot more in common than just music and the videos that surrounded them. Talking on a regular basis by phone and through emails, we instantly acquired a friendship. Our love for 90's TV shows and artsy indie films soon found me buying plane tickets to Boise Idaho, where Williams lives. We had talked about shooting another video, though my intentions were far from that upon arrival. Matt Jones, also of Audio Milk, was so kind to pick me up from the airport and show me the sights and sounds of what Boise had to offer. I quickly noticed that Boise felt like home in a way. The people were courteous; the landscape (other than the snow covered mountains) reminded me of where I live. Everyone was completely welcoming to the fact that I had made my way to Boise. I felt at home, a feeling I've honestly never felt anywhere else throughout all the travelling I've ever done. The first night consisted of me, Tyler, Kait (Tyler's girlfriend), Matt Jones and Trevor Powers at Tyler's home. We ended up buying a case of beer and followed by watching the film "Clue". I have to admit I only made it about an hour in before I passed smooth out.

The following day, Tyler and I began premeditating the video that we had talked about. I knew from the get go that I didn't want anything serious, nor depressing. The video for 'Pack Your Bags' had enough of that to last a lifetime! Instead, we began plotting out ideas to shoot material for the track 'Kathryn, My Love'. After hearing about a local costume shop, the idea struck me. At first, it was only going to be myself in a costume for the video, but after trying on various animal heads and throwing out ideas, I realized I wanted both Kait and Matt in the video as well. I picked out the bear costume, Kait was chosen the eagle, and Matt ended up getting the sheep dog.

The shooting of the video was and always will be a priceless memory for me. Random moments tend to pull at your heart strings, because you know you can't ever get those back. For instance, the animal heads we were wearing were heavy and hot. Tyler stepped in dog feces by accident, and the people passing by stopped to take pictures and to give us hugs. There are just certain things in life you will never forget. And that is defiantly one of those moments. The final shots in the video were at a local venue, where that night they were having a drag show. Undeniably the perfect spot to film. At first, people starred at us, but quickly got in to the whole idea we were trying to achieve by dancing alongside of us. I recall a moment where both I and Matt had stepped off the dance floor to rest. Little did Kait know, she was still out busting moves with everyone, even though Tyler wasn't filming.

To make a long story short, I had one of the best times of my life while visiting Boise. Our idea just to have fun with what we were doing rather than taking everything so serious ended up establishing a cherished memory for all of us. I'll always look back at this video and think of Boise and the wonderful time I had while visiting. Sometimes being playful has its benefits, too. We as humans, sometimes take everything so seriously. We forget to relax every now and then and just allow things to happen. This video is documentation to a group of people who threw down their barriers, and just let lose. Thank you to Tyler, Kait, Matt and everyone else who was a part of this video. I will never forget your hospitality and love.

Lance Smith

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