Are climate change deniers committing crimes against humanity? Find out as Host, Karyn Strickler, interviews Dr. Donald A. Brown, on the theme, climate change denial and ethics. Dr. Brown is an associate Professor of Environmental Ethics, Science, and Law at Penn State University where he teaches courses on climate change.

Dr. Brown is the Program Director of The Collaborative Program on the Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change. He also manages a website called that has been declared by Times Magazine and CNN as one of the 15 best environmental websites in the United States. Professor Brown is the author of, "American Heat, Ethical Problems with the United States’ Response to Global Warming".

Karyn's Hot Air Commentary exposes the names of 7 climate deniers who are paid by the fossil fuel industry to create doubt about climate change, where in fact there is little. You will hear these few names over and over again if you follow the climate debate because there are very few scientist who will participate in climate denial. Watch for these names: S. Fred Singer, Patrick Michaels, Dr. Robert Balling, Craig, Keith and Sherwood Idso and Richard Lindzen.

Visit Dr. Browns website, and read his blog here:

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