Новая серия ARGUS это удачный пример комбинации супер плавучести, устойчивости и качества исполнения надувных лодок с идеями классического каноэ.
Лодка хороша для водного туризма, сплава по быстрым рекам и просто для отдыха и общения с дикой природой. Лодка комплектуется веслами с уключинами или байдарочным гребком, предусмотрен транец для установки небольшого подвесного двигателя. Модельный ряд включает три размера( 380см, 450 см, 550 см) и две версии:
DISCOVERY- лодка для отдыха и развлечений, простая и удобная.
PROFESSIONAL- усиленная, с дополнительным снаряжением для требовательных пользователей.


Our new series of inflatable canoes ARGUS are an outstanding example of combining the superior buoyancy, stability and performance of inflatable boat with the idea of the classic canoe. They are excellent for relaxed paddling or extreme exploration of remote places in wild nature. Oars or paddles, an outboard motor or a sailing kit - all the propulsion means are available, along with different options of seating for your very own comfort. There are three sizes (380 cm, 450 cm, 550 cm) and two versions available:
• DISCOVERY - recreational version for runabouts and easy use,
• PROFESSIONAL - more robust and higher equipped version for demanding user. With all its advantages, ARGUS is probably the best environment friendly choice, saving the world around you! Instead of big and powerful motors with lots of pollution you can take even smallest 2.5-3HP motor and it will push your canoe with speed about 7-10 km/h for up to 15 km, using just 1.5-2 liters of gasoline! That's fenomenal! Using different seating arrangements you can choose the most confortable seating position for you, what is the great advantage! And the most important point: Inflatable canoe ARGUS is an unbeatable altearnative to classic hard shell canoes:
• It is MUCH MORE SAFE and UNSINKABLE with 5 separate air chambers!
• It is MUCH MORE STABLE with two flotation tubes and 100 cm beam in total!
• It is MUCH MORE PORTABLE, easily fitting the trunk of your car instead of roof mounting headache!


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