Carole Chargueron

Sound Space Installation/ Musical Intervention

Barkhanes is the result of the intersection between sound space installation and scenic world. The project idea comes in conceptual terms from the dune song, a low and profound sound generated by the fall of the top of some Barkhanes dunes. The dune sand has specific characteristics which produces a tuned sound when the sand fall, mythicized during centuries.
Barkhanes begins and ends as a cuadraphonic sound installation with a drone sound generated synthetically (max/MSP). People are invited to sit inside this space. At a certain time, 5 musicians (4 instrument players and the composer) and a person in charge of the light, enter the space and begin to play with the synthetic sound, following a determined composition structure with defined/improvised musical gestures.

The audience and the performers are inside the same space. As the audience, if you sat in a different place, you would experience a different timbrical version (because of the movements of the musicians) and a different spacialization.

Carole Chargueron: conception, composition, programation, live processing and spacialization
Vincent Touzet: bass flute
Luis Mora: bass clarinet
Omar Lopez: baritone saxophone
Adriana Ruiz: lights
camera : Canal 23
Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City, july 2010

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