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NODE10 - Forum for Digital Arts, November 2010, Frankfurt, Germany

The purpose of NODE is to facilitate the exchange between art, design and engineering in interactive and generative media. The 'NODE - Forum for Digital Arts' emerged in 2008 from an initiative of developers and users of the graphical programming language vvvv (

At first, NODE was meant to support the community of people using vvvv to create artistic and creative software projects, but it quickly changed into an international forum for knowledge exchange between designers, artists and engineers of various fields believing in the powers of programming and digital technologies.

The second edition was held in November 2010 in cooperation with the Frankfurter Kunstverein ( Through the exhibition and lecture panel 'abstrakt Abstrakt - the systematized world' (curated by Marius Watz & Eno Henze) we seeked to analyze the nature and effect of abstraction systems.

With an unbelievable longlist of vvvv workshops we made heads spinning and with the performances we created astonishment. NODE10 was a week long highly creative rush of discussions, theoretical and practical lectures, workshops, presentations and events.

Thanks everybody who made this week in November 2010 such a good time.

Festival Direction - David Brüll
Managing Director - Ingolf Heinsch
Organisation Assistent - Valérie-Françoise Vogt
Curation - Eno Henze, Marius Watz
This video: Judith Holzer. Sound by Jakob Korn ( & Nu
Trailer: by Strukt)

Technical Direction - Markus Berger & Björn Schwarzer
Workshop coordination - Joreg (vvvv group)
Local PR - Hans Romanov
Design, Motion Design, Stage Direction: Thomas Hitthaler & Andreas Koller (Strukt)
+ many many more

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