BTS - Quick set look

This for me was one hell of a stressful shoot, ha.
During the shoot absolutely amazing and smooth...well right up till the very end, ha. PA deciding to completely break, we just made it through.

I just moved house, no internet to reply to clients, certain locations/hotels being really rude by not getting back to me about my the shoot on it not...ahhh!

Anyways...I had some cool ideas for the video that I forwarded to the band, which they liked.

I have never used a projector before so setting up everything was quite scary for me. Company i rented it from was nice enough to let me have it a day early so I was able to do some test footage (which stressed me out a little ha). After doing test shots, I realised earthy tones, skin showing with black clothes come across quite well so I mentioned to the band and model to try and keep wardrobe along those lines.

The story is about a guy and a girl who were great together , but she unfortunately passed away. So the projection scenes are memories and the hotel scenes with her in the background/bathroom, is her trying to get him to move on with his life without her...but he's having a hard time doing so.

Emma 'Ducky' did an awesome job and was a pleasure to work with. The band were so nice and cool on shoot, they even cleaned the bathroom mess up for me as I was packing up all my gear.

Really had a cool time with these guys. Band members and girlfriends also helped keep those fingers clicking away to make those lamps flash, ha!

This two day shoot was very tiring felt way longer yet everything is still a blur, ha.

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