This interactive projection piece created by &Some for NZ Post's Auckland Arts Festival at Aotea Square.

‘Noise Ink’ ran every night during the festival from dusk till dawn. A 3.5x3.5m garden area was setup with surrounding red picket fences and a post box (housing a Kinect camera for motion detection). Anyone could come and play in the garden, generating ink splash visuals on a 15m projection screen via body movement as well as stereo sounds generated around the garden.

It was great watching the process of people hesitantly beginning to interact, then losing their inhibitions the more they play – especially those at the end of their night out. The best thing we found about the project was the way it brought complete strangers together in play.

Built in Processing, ‘Noise Ink’ is a pseudo 2D fluid/ink animation system which responds to body movement via a Kinect camera. A combination of optical flow and perlin noise control the visuals.

- Source code and binaries available on GitHub:
- Daniel Shiffman for the openkinect libraries ( and nature of code tutorials (
- Generative Gestaltung ( for perlin noise articles.
- Patricio Gonzalez Vivo ( ) & Hidetoshi Shimodaira ( for Optical Flow example (
- Memotv ( for inspiration.

Special thanks to Mike Hodgson from Dub Module who made this project possible.

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