Demo Reel Breakdown List
1. Fluid Simulation: Real-time interactive smoke simulation using Stam’s Stable fluid approach with vorticity confinements.
Tools used: C++, OpenGL, After Effects, Houdini.
Role: Smoke is an example of fluid that exhibits unique rolling turbulent motion as it moves through the air known as vorticity in fluid dynamics. To simulate this behavior, I started with implementing Stable Fluids paper by Jos Stam which gave the basic fluid simulation. The method proposed by Stam suffers from too much numerical dissipation as a result of which the vortices vanish too rapidly. So I extended the simulation by implementing a second paper, Visual Simulation of Smoke by Ronald Fedkiw et al. which keeps the swirling motion alive by vorticity confinements. Rendering of the smoke was done in OpenGL. To make the simulation visually interested, I exported the renders from OpenGL and composited into a scene built and lit in Houdini. Shadows were faked in post using After Effects.
The code was written in C++ with object oriented approach in mind. The design of the code was well planned before starting to program and organized into different classes and functions which made the code flexible and easy to debug.
2. Art Direct-able Tornadoes (Thesis): Formulated a method to model tornado behavior and created a tool in Houdini to give artistic controls to stylize the simulation. The simulation can be art directed to produce a variety of tornadoes of different sizes, shapes and also has control over other parameters. It also involves tornadoes interaction with the environment such as debris and fracturing.
Tools used: Houdini.
3. Soft Body: Real-time interactive pressure based soft body simulation. All the vertices of the geometry are connected through springs and whenever a force is applied, a counteractive force is generated to balance the volume and pressure ratio. The simulation from C++ code was then exported into Maya for rendering purposes.
Tools used: C++, OpenGL, Maya, RenderMan.
4. Constrained Dynamics: Real-time interactive constrained particle simulation.
It is an implementation of Physically Based Modeling: Principles and Practice: Constrained Dynamics notes by Andrew Witkin. Constraints are programmable and procedural in nature which gives the system flexibility to be modified easily.
Tools used: C++, OpenGL.
5. Title: Coffee Spill & Smoke: Group project with Walt Disney Animation Studios for production course.
Tools used: Maya, RenderMan, After Effects.
Role: Did coffee spill, smoke simulation and lighting. Smoke simulation was done using Maya and coffee spill was done by animating the displacement map & using blend shapes.
6. Title: Ray tracing: Implemented ray tracer in C++ from scratch.
7. Title: Paintings & Sketches: Some of my oil paintings on canvas and sketches.

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