In the 1990s, the Sri Lankan government’s embargoes on fuel, medicines and food items in the north and east of Sri Lanka in an effort to frustrate the operations of a separatist militant group known as the Tamil Tigers reached their peak. In the face of dearth and hardship, the locals resorted to increasingly inventive ways of making do. ‘Paper’ is a video portrait of resilience, expression and survival, capturing the stories of newspaper workers and their remarkable ingenuity.

'Paper' has been screened at the 8th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2012, The MIX International Short Film Festival 2012 (Richmond, Virginia), Film South Asia 2011 (selected for Travelling Film South Asia 2012), and broadcast on Aljazeera English.

Shot and cut by Kannan Arunasalam

Must mention Sweta "equipment girl" Velpillay, Kethasarma Ledchumanasarma and Prashan Thalayasingam

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