How to install a premium Drupal theme, which comes equipped with an installation profile, over an existing Drupal instance: the case of Photofolio by More than Themes.

1. Create your database (00:14)
2. Create your Drupal site - unless you have an existing one (00:37)
3. Create a temporary installation using our installation profile. (04:43)
4. Locate our theme folder and copy it into your drupal instance (08:19)
5. Locate all necessary modules and copy them into your drupal instance (09:08)
6. Enable the new modules (09:57)
7. Enable our theme (10:48)
8. Create the necessary new content types. Refer to the temporary installation to find out what content types you need to create. You can also use a content type export/import tool (11:14)
9. Use the temporary installation of our theme and export all views (16:50)
10. Import those views into your drupal instance (18:16)
11. Create all the necessary image presets. Use the temporary installation to guide you (19:37)
12. Put your blocks to the appropriate regions using the temporary installation as a reference (25:30)

About Photofolio:
Equipped with a series of automations Photofolio is among the most powerful Drupal themes ever released. With its smoothly incorporated, robust image-management modules & content types, Photofolio is ideal for bloggers, photographers, designers, creatives and trendsetters.


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