As our final exam at Blekinge Institute of Technology we decided to make a short film. We built the team and spent the next five months, isolated from reality, making it all happen. It turned out to be an even more challenging and large-scale journey than we could ever imagine. It was the longest film we had ever done, 28 minutes, and we had a very limited budget of $1000 to work with.

Watch the trailer:
Watch behind the scenes video:
Behind the scenes photos:

Starring: Rasmus De Verdier
Producer: Joel Arwidson
Director of photography: Mikael Berglund
Composer: Charlie Persson
Director: Johan Cederholm
Editing: Mikael Berglund/Johan Cederholm
Written by: Joel Arwidson/Mikael Berglund/Johan Cederholm/Charlie Persson

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