On a very recent trip to Hawaii, I was quite surprised when I saw a mama whale and her calf frequenting the surf line up at the famed Honolua Bay on the west side of Maui. I was there filming two of my buddy's who just got out of the water that day.
I just finished one of my edits for the trip for a surfing sponsor and one of the shots I used had a HUGE whale breaching way out in the horizon, which is not uncommon this time of year in the Molokai & Maui channel which is they're regular rout when they are migrating.
After reading peoples responses to the shot I had of that pre-mentioned whale, I decided to throw this little comical piece together & also after being inspired by my buddy (who is actually from Maui - Kalani Prince) who films and edits his own vloging videos, I thought I'd try to do a little funny piece also! (thnx KP for the inspiration!!) :)

Hope you all enjoy it!

mahalo ~


p.s. you must forgive me for the shaky video, as I did not have my tripod and didn't want to miss the huge whales. I eventually got my tripod, but we were way up on a big cliff about 200-300 yards from where they were sooooo that means one handheld HVX200 + fully zoomed in = really bad shaky footage! I guess you never can be too prepared! :)

Music: Kevin MacLeod

"Scheming Weasel"


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