'Noise Ink' is a pseudo 2D fluid/ink animation system which responds to body movement via a Kinect camera. A combination of optical flow and perlin noise control the visuals.

It was originally created for the 2011 Auckland Arts Festival: vimeo.com/21620801

Project page with more information: behance.net/gallery/Noise-Ink-body-reactive-installation/1244325

Processing source code and binaries available on my GitHub: github.com/trentbrooks/Noise-Ink

1) Download the source code or binaries
2) If your downloading the source, you will also need to download the open kinect libraries- github.com/shiffman/libfreenect/tree/master/wrappers/java/processing. Copy the 'wrappers/java/distribution/openkinect' folder into your Processing libraries.
3) Connect your kinect camera via usb
4) Launch the NoiseInk app or run from Processing. The kinect depth image should appear.
5) Adjust the minimum and maximum depths with keys 'a,z,s,x' until you get a clear white silhouette of your body with everything else black.
6) That's it, press 'space' to begin. Pressing 'space' will toggle the kinect menu on or off.

- Daniel Shiffman for the openkinect libraries (github.com/shiffman/libfreenect/tree/master/wrappers/java/processing) and nature of code tutorials ( shiffman.net/teaching/nature/).
- Generative Gestaltung (generative-gestaltung.de/) for perlin noise articles.
- Patricio Gonzalez Vivo ( patriciogonzalezvivo.com ) & Hidetoshi Shimodaira (shimo@is.titech.ac.jp) for Optical Flow example (openprocessing.org/visuals/?visualID=10435).
- Memotv (memo.tv/msafluid_for_processing) for inspiration.

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