Synopsis: He was bald with some liver spots on his head...

Graduation film made at the University of Wales, Newport in 2010.

Director: Luiz Stockler
Produced by the University of Wales, Newport 2010

Awards -

Nominated for National Royal Television Society Award, UK
Winner - Royal Television Society Student Undergraduate Animation Award, Wales Region, UK
'Best of the West' Special Commendation - Animated Exeter, UK
British Council Supported

Screenings -

Brain Wash Six, London, UK (2010)
_DRIFT Old Vic Tunnels, London, UK (2010)
Anim’est International Animation Film Festival, Romania (2010)
Brest European Short Film Festival, France (2010)
Bradford Animation Festival, UK (2010)
Exposures Film Festival, UK (2010)
Skena Up International Students Film and Theatre Festival, Kosovo (2010)
Animateka International Animation Film Festival, Slovenia (2010)
Savannah International Animation Festival, USA (2011)
Ffresh Student Moving Image Festival of Wales, UK (2011)
Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games, UK (2011)
Animated Exeter, UK (2011)
Brain Wash at Debut Club, London, UK (2011)
Athens Animfest, Greece (2011)
Ankara International Film Festival, Turkey (2011)
Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, Greece (2011)
Filmfest Dresden International Short Film Festival, Germany (2011)
Anifest, Czech Republic (2011)
Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Germany (2011)
Animayo International Festival of Animated Film, Visual Effects and Video Games, Spain (2011)
KAN Festival of Independent and Amateur Film, Poland (2011)
Timishort Film Festival, Romania (2001)
CurtoCircuito Santiago de Compostela International Short Film Festival, Spain (2011)
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia (2011)
Anima Mundi International Animation Festival of Brazil, Brazil (2011)
BBC Big Screens Cardiff/Swansea, UK (2011)
Inkonst, Sweden (2011)
RabbitFest Animation Festival, Italy (2011)
Klubi, Breakfast Club! Short Films & Breakfast, Finland (2011)
Helsinki Short Film Festival, Finland (2011)
Meta, Cambodia (2011)
Mezzanine Cafe, Australia (2011)
Trackdown Scoring Stage, Australia (2011)
1up Microcinema, Australia (2011)
Cummins Theatre, Australia (2011)
Reikäreuna Film Festival, Finland (2011)
Kulttuurikulma, Finland (2011)
Secret Location in Edinburgh, UK (2011)
The Bee’s Mouth, UK (2011)
The Goods Dept, Indonesia (2011)
Faktory, Iceland (2011)
Kino Pod Baranami, Poland (2011)
Special Outdoor Screening in Hanoi, Vietnam (2011)
Pighouse Flicks, Australia (2011)
Kino Forum, Poland (2011)
Studio TVP Lublin, Poland (2011)
Kino Cytryna, Poland (2011)
Kino Rialto, Poland (2011)
Regional Entertainment Centre, Australia (2011)
Kino Kosmos CSF, Poland (2011)
Ravintola Intro, Finland (2011)
Kulttuurikahvila, Finland (2011)
KINO.LAB, Poland (2011)
Klubokawiarnia Instytut, Poland (2011)
YOKO, Vietnam (2011)
Pratersauna, Austria (2011)
Courthouse Gallery, Australia (2011)
Vancouver Cafe and Store, Australia (2011)
Alimento’s Cafe, Australia (2011)
Klub Zero, Poland (2011)
Walkington Ampitheatre, Australia (2011)
Music Republic Museum, Poland (2011)
SNAP Cafe, Vietnam (2011)
Kahvila Kauppayhtiö, Finland (2011)
Cafe Xocolat, Philippines (2011)
International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, Germany (2011)
Curta na Praça, Brazil (2011)
KUKI International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin, Germany (2011)
Animated Dreams, Estonia (2011)
Etiuda & Anima, Poland (2011)

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