With their high school graduation only a year away, Secondary IV students from the English Montreal School Board recently descended upon St. Pius X School in Ahuntsic to be introduced to a wide a variety of careers which they can pursue after graduation.

In place as a follow up to the highly successful Career Fair held every October, the Adult Education and Vocational Services (AEVS) and Student Services departments of the EMSB hosted Secondary IV Career Day, a highly successful day which allowed students to get a window into future opportunities before they make their decisions on what trades they wish to ply in the not-too-distant future.

The day allowed students to choose three of the following sessions:

A Career in Radio or Television invited all students who were interested in a career in broadcast media to get the inside scoop on how the business works and what skills they need to possess. On hand to address the students was CBC Montreal and award winning meteorologist Frank Cavallaro, Kelly Alexander from Virgin Radio and Rob Lurie from CTV News. Through their stories, students were truly able to get a feel of the industry as well as ask any questions that came to mind.

Bon Appetit brought students on a tour of the kitchens at St. Pius X Culinary Institute where they were able to observe chef instructors and cooking students within their work environment and had the opportunity to meet and speak with the future graduates. Furthermore, students were given a cooking demonstration and had the chance to savour a culinary delight prepared by St. Pius’ future chefs.

Accounting & Administrative Professional’s Learn Today Earn Tomorrow program invited students to learn about an industry which in the next five years, retirements will lead to 700, 000 vacant jobs. This session ensured that those interested in either Accounting, Administrative Assistant and Legal Secretarial work realized that this field offers tomorrow’s most promising jobs. Students left with the knowledge that will allow them to take charge of their future.

Starting a Business and being your own boss is the dream of many, and this workshop taught students about marketing their own great idea for a product or service that they think people can’t live without. Since all of today’s major corporations began as small businesses, students were given a window into what their future could very well become.

Electromechanics is a promising field for problem solvers who have the capacity to grasp technical details. There is employment available in industries ranging from aircraft engine manufacturing to pharmaceuticals. Students were invited to come and check out the high tech robots and motor systems in the “student for a day” program.

Welding & Fitting offers students the opportunity to one day building a race car or custom motorcycle. Over the span of the session, students received an introduction into what they would learn in school, such as how to weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Students learned that welding is an exciting hands-on career that can open many doors and that companies are always looking for trained welders.

Computer Graphics let the creative flair and imagination of students loose with Photoshop, Illustrator and Web software. Students even left with some handy tricks they could immediately bring home and use!

Digital Layout & Printing is a world which revolves around the layout and printing of images, allowing students to express their creativity. During the career fair, students were able to learn how a picture is transformed onto a t-shirt and after the demonstration; each student was able to leave with a new piece of clothing!

Machining is an industry which is critical to how the day-to-day operation of the world. Companies such as Ferrari, Boeing Aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace and Bell Helicopter are always looking for the up and coming experts in this field. If it’s not the operation of the world that a student is interested in, then machining is also critical for satellite building companies whose products orbit in the final frontier.

Cabinetmaking & Furniture Finishing gave students the opportunity to see how working with their hands can translate into beautiful pieces of furniture. Students were able to meet two experts in the field and see how their imagination translated into beautiful wood creations which can be sold to a myriad of consumers.

Industrial Drafting is a field that requires many different types of software to be used to design aviation or automobile car parts. Students learned more about this field and were even given a test!

Automobile Mechanics/Sales of Mechanical Parts & Accessories allowed students who love working on cars or wish to learn how to break into the industry. The workshop was an excellent first step to discovering the basics of auto maintenance, repair and parts. Students were able to participate in a hands-on session to explore engines and the ever-growing industry of automobile mechanics.

Hairdressing is all about style, individuality and flair. The fashion industry is constantly looking for candidates who believe that self expression is essential. The hands-on session gave students the chance to use the latest hair products as well as learn some do’s and don’ts about hair care.

Aesthetics is a world of relaxation, beauty and art. The aesthetic industry is dynamic and constantly growing. Many more people have put emphasis on the wellness of their skin, nails and entire body. Students experienced a hands-on session which focused on how the artistry of make-up and how it complements individual beauty.
Travel and Hotel Reception invited students to take the journey and make tourism their ticket to success. Students received a quick overview of all the possibilities within their reach: Airport Passenger Agent, Reservation/Ticketing Agent, Travel Agent, Hotel Front Desk, Car Rental Agent, and working for a Tourist Board.
Professional Sales introduced students to the fact that the power of the individual equals the power of solution. Whether it's an idea, a business proposition or a service, selling is a way of life. Students learned that this pathway will broaden their horizons in the world of marketing and solidify selling techniques to empower themselves in this evolving and dynamic profession.

Early Childhood Education provided a quick overview for students curious to find out more about this rapidly growing field. Students were given an overview of the three year course available at Vanier College and were all invited to spend a day shadowing a student and learning more about the field.

Paralegal Technology & Medical Records introduced all students to the field of analyzing and researching legal issues, drafting written procedures, assisting lawyers, managing information contained in the patients’ medical records or coding illnesses. Students learned about two exclusive programs at O’Sullivan College are where they lead to.
Dental Hygiene, offered at John Abbott College, introduced students to the path necessary to become future licensed health professionals. As part of their training to become dental hygienists, students learned about assessing their clients’ oral health needs, the dental X-ray process, designing individual dental hygiene care plans, performing periodontal debridement (clean & polish teeth), inserting fillings and applying other preventive measures.

Diagnostic Imaging is a three-year program within Radiological Technologies. The diagnostic imaging technologist spoke to the students about the post-scholastic potentials and jobs all connected to the imaging and medical fields.

Biomedical Laboratory Technology program is a three-year program designed to give students the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of a medical technologist. Students learned about assisting becoming medical technologists and their contribution to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease by providing laboratory services to clients.

Laboratory Technology – Analytical Chemistry is a three-year program that trains students to work in industrial chemical laboratories. Given their practical training in conventional laboratory techniques and modern computerized instrumentation, students learned that as graduates of this program, they will find work in quality control, testing laboratories, research and development, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and food, technical sales, biotechnology, environment, mines and metallurgy, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, government labs, cosmetics, polymers, formulations and teaching.

EcoSystem provided an opportunity for students to learn about finding a job that aligns with their dedication to the environment. Students discovered the many careers that will allow them to get involved with energy efficiency and make a direct positive impact on the world.

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