For this event Strukt applied three different techniques for projecting onto and interacting with the artists on stage. "Projection Mapping" - for the geometric forms (pillars and cubes) on stage, "Projection Masking" to project soley onto the performing artists with no spill onto the stage and "Object Tracking" to follow the moving artists and keep projection content sticking to their bodies. This was realized using 4 projectors, 8 high-performance infrared spots and 1 infrared camera.

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Client: Nespresso
Agency: Ideal VeranstaltungsservicegmbH
Event: "Pixie" Launch
Project Manager: Tanja Tomic
Creative Director: Michael Seiser
Designers and Animators: Michael Seiser, Fabian Gampp
Rotoscoping and Assistance: Mona Schwaiger
Programmer: Chris Plant
Tracking: Thomas Pintaric
AV Partner: Concept Solutions

Dance Performance: Phoenix Fire Dancers

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