Original title: Warprints. [2010, USA]

Original audio: English

An anonymous former soldier starts writing down personal experiences and events that took place long time ago in war period. He describes certain important moments in his life being a soldier. In that time, he had a friend who was assigned to the air forces and then he vanished. The main character of this film starts narrating the linked events that unraveled his final destiny and allow him to find out the dead corpse of his missing friend.

The story is structured in four chapters. Every chapter focuses in a particular concept: war, destiny, death and rest; these four concepts would be connected by the main narrative story of the short film told by the anonymous former soldier.

The quotes are an essential part of the film as these allow the audience to concern about the main concept of each chapter. The quotation is also the way the first person narrator uses to express his own thoughts throughout the story.

The main goals of this short film are:
- Work on experimental script and structure development.
- Create an original script based on random war footage.
- Put across my personal points of view of a certain topic using audiovisual tools to create a essayistic film.
- Learn more about famous experimental filming documentarists.
- Improve my skills in non linear postproduction editing using Adobe Premiere.
- Improve command of Adobe After Effects
- Use restoration tools for old images.
- Design a whole soundtrack for a short film.
- Search for sound effects following a criterion.
- Edit and modify default sound effects to adapt them to my project.
- Generate a master soundtrack for the whole piece.
(PDF technical document available)

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