Last week, one of my best friends took his own life - and I am still reeling from this. The memorial service was a couple of days ago, and I created this video for his family as a tribute to him, to the amazing personality and friend he was to everyone who knew him.

With a few more days work, this could've been something really special - and there may still be a follow up to this as I do not feel that I have done him full justice with this, especially given everything that he did for me in his life, and for what he meant to me. I would like to more accurately depict his life and cover the areas missing from this vid, pending further photo and video material - as well as improve the overall quality.

Please forgive the quality of the VFX in this: it's not easy trying to put something together in such a short space of time through a haze of tears, trust me...!

The music track is Han's Zimmer's "Time" from the "Inception" Soundtrack - it matches the passage of time as shown in the vid - and in the film, it's used right at the end when the lead character finally finds his way home...which I hope is where David has finally arrived. May God rest his soul.

His family have encouraged me to make this vid public online, and it has been very well received by all his friends and family so far.

So, rather than ramble on further about how I feel, I will leave you with my final message to David.


To one of the best friends I have ever had - there was never a dull moment when you were around! You enlightened me in so many ways not least by furthering my existing knowledge of art, music, films: thank you for introducing me to "Amadeus" - no one else could have ever done that (and they tried)!

And the joys of script-writing...(I WILL make one of those films someday...someday...)

To the friend who used to kite-surf to work...! You always did have style...!

To the friend who came up with my nick-name "Trigger" all those years ago - without which there would be no TrigFX today.

To the friend who always made me laugh - especially with that handshake of yours! I did wonder why you tried to make me remember it again last I know. I wish I had stayed in touch with you more after the 90's - but thank God for Facebook or I would never have found you again!

Found you - only to lose you again. I love it that you came to say goodbye to me - but hated that you felt things were so bad you had to leave. Permanently. You always liked to make a big entrance - and I always said that your exits could do with a bit of work...some things never change, huh?

There is a deep hole in my existence where you used to be - I will miss you deeply, my friend. But I will join you sometime - just not yet. Save a place for me, and keep riding those clouds...

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