Directed By Heidi Hartwig, model Aurelie Claudel stars as a beautiful femme fatale sent on a mission to knock off a list of men who have presumably done wrong. The video opens with Jordan Galland handing off the list of names ocean-side and takes Claudel through the streets of Manhattan on her quest. One hit worth mentioning: acclaimed fashion photographer Nigel Barker, who meets his fate just about one minute in. Waris Ahluwalia (The Life Aquatic, Darjeeling Limited, Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Undead) also stars.

Cinematographer: Shawn Regruto
Editor: Steve Jacks
Assistant Camera: Bob Geile
Stylist:Tiffany Pentz
Special Effects:Damien Paris
Executive Producer:
Jordan Galland
Heidi Hartwig
Shawn Regruto
Aurelie Claudel
Waris Ahluwalia
Nigel Barker
Harry Beee
Jared Roberts
Errickson Wilcox
Caleb Bark
Saul Lazeus
Luke Carr
Jordan Galland

DMA, Marc Beckman, Sam Sohaili, Mina White@IMG,
Shawn Lovejoy, Ali Azios , Keir Kramlich, Natasha Sokol, The Lake & Stars, TREC, K&M Camera

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