Submission to Cinema Out of Your Backpack

The movie is about young people growing up in a small town. A town and a region that suffered immensely during WWI. The movie tells all kinds of stories of young people and how they deal with that past. It’s about how does this influence their daily life, how it makes them think about society, about politics, about war and peace. How do they deal with the past? How do they live in the present, different young people with different stories. They make friends with tourists of their age. A girl falls in love with a British boy who says he will join the army and go and fight in Afghanistan… What are their ideas and wishes for the future? It’s about how they look at the monuments, the landscape, the military cemeteries, the Last Post…

Daughter: Sarah Mylle
Mother: Kris Vanderstichele
Friends: Anke, Silke, Soetkin, Ellen, Freya, Jade

Camera, Director, Editor: Gerdy Vandermeersch
Storywriter, 2nd Director, Sound: Diederik Vandenbilcke
Music: Steven Willems

Lowepro fastpack
Canon 5d Mark II
24-70mm L2.8 Canon lens
50mm 1.4 ZE lens
Mini Tripod
some stretchers to make the 2 ceilingshots

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