A music video for the band Mazes and their new single Most Days done by Matt and Paul Layzell. You can see his stuff here - paullayzell.blogspot.com
and check out the band here - myspace.com/mazesmazesmazes

We tried to make the video like it'd been filmed by a bunch of skater kids, just messing around and being stupid. The idea seemed to suit the summery lo-fi sound of the track and came from a youth spent making such videos with friends during the summer holidays.

The video was done using a combination of 2-D animation (flash) drawn to fit into 3-D backgrounds (after effects), which was tricky at times but good to do and something that could be taken further.

It was a fun to do and I hope you absorb some of that fun yourself and share it with others or keep it to yourself maybe putting it in your back pocket with the bits of fluff and spare change.

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