Behind-the-scenes video, shot and edited by Ted Liedle, Liedle Films, with interviews shot by Stefan Liedle, documenting one day of shooting at Historic Westville, with Red Hill Productions for the PBS documentary on Andrew Jackson.

The opening graphic and music are copyright 2007 Red Hill Productions, used with permission.
The opening music is copyright 2007 Christopher Hedge, used with permission.
The band music is copyright 2006, 8th Regiment Band, used with permission.
The overall video is copyright 2009 Liedle Films, All Rights Reserved.

The overall length is just over 12 min., and is a compendium of the full day of shooting. I acquired 4 hours of raw footage, and in addition to the 12 minute compendium, cut a 40 min. work. This 12 min. work is meant for streaming by anyone who would like to link to, or embed, the video; in particular Historic Westville, but also anyone involved with the film shoot at Westville.

At 3 min. 30 sec. you will see video of three young men, Stefan, Francis and Jacob Liedle, preparing to do a German dance, and their foot stomps and hand claps were used as a foundation for the music score by Christopher Hedge.

At 6 min. 50 sec. you will see a dolly shot looking through a picket fence; the finished PBS film used that shot, and this shows the shot from o.t.s. of Carl Byker, the writer and executive producer, and we see the crowd in the background, and the camera image on the director's monitor.

At 7 min. 33 sec. you will see Kate McMahon, co-producer, describing the scene about to be shot with the re-enactor slaves, in particular a little girl, Allundra Thornton, who will be wearing chains for the various shots. Kate's awkwardness in describing the scenario is as poignant as the imagery of the little girl in chains.


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