This SET was prepared for the Workshop SHOOT TO THRILL (
The technique is called BULLET TIME.Best know from The Matrix film.


The SET included 24 tripods, aligned and distributed with 25cm of distance in between.
The cameras we used were all Canon (5D mrkII, 7D). The cameras were on around 1m above the ground and around 3m distance pointing all to the subject.


Organized by:
Claudio Giambusso, Alice Stefani, Ivan Borov
Directed by:
Claudio Giambusso, Alice Stefani
Music by:
Valerio Sizzi
Video backstage by:
Filippo Valluzzi
Director of photography:
Manuel Neglia, Mattia Campo
Special Thanks to:
Maurizio Costa (in charge of photo studio IED Milano)

Teodora Filipova, Julie Luchsinger, Tiziano Summo, Kaisha Davierwalla, Giulia Filippi, Marta Mangiucca, Ascanio Mellini, Francesca Mesiano, Manuel Neglia, Mattia Campo, Massimo, Francesca Ferrari

3D models:
Digital Camera by Fubar East
Trampoline by Google


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