I just received my 3Pc. 32" Umbrella Light Kit that I purchased through Ebay for $49.95 + free shipping.

The seller was Best Choice Products out of California, so there wasn't a very long wait like when you order stuff from our friends in China.

The kit consists of:

2 - 7' Light stands
1 - tabletop light stand
2 - 32" White translucent umbrellas
3 - 30W CFL light bulbs
3 - power receptacles
1 - Padded carrying case with shoulder strap

As you can see in the video, everything was packaged very nicely. All the components were separately wrapped and boxed an the bulbs come with form fitting styrofoam so that they won't bounce around during transport.

I haven't tried it out yet, that will probably be the next video, but the quality looks pretty nice on everything and about the only thing that I can think of is I might want to get brighter bulbs, but I'll wait to see how these work out first.

This is my first set of umbrellas, so I'm not even very sure what's the best way to use them. Trial and error will shortly ensue...

All in all, I think that the price was great considering all the hardware included.

BTW, this was shot on my new GH1 that I purchased through the Panasonic Facebook VIP deal. I figured it might come in handy as a B cam to the GH2. It was $380 shipped so it seemed like a good deal. I can definitely tell a difference from the GH2, but it still looks pretty good, and way better than my HFS100 video cam.

I hope that someday they'll figure out how to hack the new firmware in it, so it can be used like the GH13's out there.

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