In Search of the Unsound, Part III
PlayDocs 2011

The Pleasure of Fear: Horror at Unsound

We present you with the third episode of the documentary “In Search Of The Unsound”. In the previous parts, within the frame of the Krakow Unsound festival, we explored terror, fear and tension in modern music with our guide, journalist Philip Sherburne. While the two first episodes were centred around Demdike Stare, Mordant Music and Kreng, it’s now time for Oni Ayhun and Australian musician Ben Frost, who has been based in Iceland for years now and is the creator of a kind of music where terrifying ambient, noise, drone and metal come together in a ball of energy of extremely high levels. At Unsound Krakow, Frost premiered his new work, “We Don’t Need Other Worlds, We Need Mirrors. Music For Solaris”, composed alongside Daníel Bjarnason, interpreted by an orchestra of 29 musicians and inspired by the classic science-fiction novel “Solaris”, by Stanislaw Lem, and adapted to film by Andrei Tarkovski

A PlayTv Production in collaboration with Unsound and centset
Film by Emilio Guerra & G. Sal·lari
Image: Emilio Guerra
Sound and Edit: G. Sal·lari
Sound Mix:
Graphics: Miquel Polidano
Production Assistant: Maciej Malarz

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