Was Ist Das? MarchFourth Marching Band in Germany is an up-close and personal ride along with Portland Oregon’s most colorful musical export, MarchFourth Marching Band! Described as eclectic mix world music, imagine Duke Ellington meets Sgt. Pepper in an international big-top Fantasia. Shadow the gigantic 25-member band closely on the 9-day German leg of their most recent 2010 European tour and bear witness to the joyous impact of their infectious show in various locations across Deutschland.

Was Ist Das? MarchFourth Through Germany (2011) 30min.
Shot in Germany from September 3rd-10th, 2010
in Bielefeld, Hamburg, Peine, Hannoversch Muenden, Leer

Starring the MarchFourth Marching Band

MarchFourth Booking Info Contact:
Mark Lourie, VP of Development
866-531-2172 ext. 104


Directors Comment:

An opportunity to travel as an embedded videographer with MarchFourth was just too good to be true. I'd filmed M4 shows since around the first time I saw them, back in 2003. Having seen crowd reaction to the band at Portland shows, I understood the band's musical voodoo as an exercise in hypnotism. Eight days on the road and 17 hours of raw video tape later, the haul of media from the trip was both daunting and immense. What you're about to see is a telling document of a freaky band's wobbly stomp across a culture lauded for straight lines. Far beyond witnessing amazing showmanship, filming this tribe behind the scenes as they swooned and swaggered was truly a laugh a minute. We made friends, drank lots of lager and ate copious amounts of meats, breads and cheese. I've since recently gone on to fill in for Richard as a drummer with M4 from time to time. I can now say with solid authority: performing with this band is way more fun than it looks! Love you, People...

Special thanks to my beautiful dancer friend, Jen Forti, who rocks. She was not only largely responsible for getting me over there on tour filming this band, but endured my narrow reality through the over 150 hours it took to gestate this baby last Fall. I'd also like to thank my sweet father, Spencer who died earlier this summer from cancer. He was an inspiration with the cameras and never flinched when I asked for dollars to acquire my first (and second) set of drums. This film is dedicated to him.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...

Kevin Balmer
Producer, Director, Drummer

© 2011 Diggable Monkey Productions

Stay tuned for news on Magnificent Beast, the brand new M4 studio album due on October 25th. Upcoming tour dates this Fall can be found here:

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