Celtic craftsmen-philosophers believed that the God’s Eyes saw mistakes
and that they worked exclusively for praising Him.
The purpose of Celtic art was not reflecting of reality
but expressing its religious philosophy.
Ready pieces of jewellery were not for human eyes but for His Eyes for who
of those having just mortal perception could esteem
the world of eternity created by Celtic craftsmen?
Our Celtic collection includes rings, bracelets and pendants
with original Celtic ornaments.

Celtic Druids believed in the reincarnation of the soul and keeping a balance in the universe.
To do this, sometimes it was necessary to sacrifice animals and even humans.
When they had to make a human sacrifice, the victims usually warriors of an enemy tribe, were burned to death in a wicker basket that was hung from an oak tree.
The victims had to be free of fear to appease the Creator,
so they were drugged and usually died of smoke inhalation.
The Picts in northern Scotland were known to drown their victims. When the victims died, the Druids would chant, praising them for their courage.

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