I think that the title says enough,so I dont have to explain what this track is about. I normally never do love tracks,but this is straight from the heart on a beat.
So I hope you like it and can relate to this.
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''His-Story - Do You Love Me Now(Production By Anno Domini Beats)

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I wanna Kiss You Now,Slowly /
I really Miss You Now,Hold Me /
Do you Love me Now,Show Me /
I'll make it work,make it better then it ever Was /

(Verse 1)
There I go again,pushing away the one I Love /
Its like you died on me and after that went up Above /
And I cant understand why I screw this up Everytime /
Its not like I dont want you but you can not be Mine /
I dont know Why,would be a lot easier if I Did /
It could solve my problems and pull me out of This Shit /
All the things im Dealing With and im Conceiling It /
I know you want me to, but its hard for me to Believe In It /
And I know I promised you that I would make it Work /
But I dont wanna end up with my face in the Dirt /
The last few weeks I Learned the definition of getting Hurt /
Im so sick of the story that its always me that has to Burn /
What did I do wrong to deserve all of This /
I wanna go away and leave the shithole im Livin In /
But if I go,I would disabend the the very thing I Need /
The very thing I love,but the very thing I couldnt See /


(Verse 2)
For the past few weeks im locked up in my room Again /
Making myself crazy and crushing the bones in my Hand /
I have no self control,cuz I dont wanna hit the Wall /
But when im angry I Smash and Bash the Wall Afterall /
Im back in Hell,and it feels like there's no escaping Now /
Everytime when im on my way up,satan pulls me back Down /
Blinded from the light,no possibility to open Curtains /
You gotta believe me when I say that theres no air below the Surface /
I've been down this road many Times,it plays with Lives /
Cuz once again ''Venus'' is only feeding me Lies /
She's my angel in Desguise but the devil at the same Time /
Make up my Mind,should I go on or should I leave it Behind /
Why is it so damn hard to Decide wich one is Right /
Its a battle between the darkness of the Night and the brightness of the Light /
An everlasting Fight between a broken heart and twisted Mind /
She stands right in front of me,but she's already out of my Sight /


(Verse 3)
I was down for three years,nothing seemed to Work /
Till the day came I met her,and now she means the World /
I have to give it a try,at least for her Sake /
Cuz she does everything for me and think about me Always /
As I write that last line,I start questioning Myself /
Do I even deserve her? I know i need some Help /
So baby girl would you mind giving me a helping Hand /
Count on me when I promise you that we will make it Together And /
And if it doesnt,at least we did our very Best /
So we dont have to look Back on the Past with Regrets /
Its april fools day today,but im not kidding Around /
You must believe me when I say that I would never let you Down /
So girl,please grab my hand and lets Fly Away /
To a perfect Place were we could see the horizon Every Day /
A beautiful sunset,and only you and Me /
We could die together,and forever together we will Be /



Peace,Love & Blessings

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