"For One More Day"
Original song from the documentary film Genius On Hold

Genius on Hold is a documentary about Walter L. Shaw, a genius inventor who held over 39 patents. However, his inventions never saw the light of day due to the telecommunication monopoly held by the Bell company. In an effort to support his family, Walter Sr. invents the ‘black box’ for the mob and exposes his son Walter T. Shaw to the mafia; taking Walter, Jr. down the path of the underworld. This film is narrated by two-time Tony Award Winner and Oscar Nominee, Frank Langella (Frost-Nixon, Wall Street II, The Box).

Performed by Isaac Koren & Thorald Koren
Executive Producer: Walter T. Shaw
Produced by Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith)
Directed by Michael Coleman
Director of Photography: Logan Grime & Brandon Vedder
Editor: Brandon Vedder
Colorist: Colin Mika


Copyright © 2011 Top Cat Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved

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