This is my monome 128 running on an Ubuntu Studio ThinkPad. The monome is running polygome.

I successfully installed and ran Max/MSP5 on Wine. Polygome, a Max patch, is connected to JACK via the low-latency WineASIO driver. Polygome is controlling an instance of fluidsynth, which has a soundfont (.sf2) loaded. The Linux version of monomeserial, running from the commandline, ties the monome to polygome.

I used to run Max/MSP and monomeserial on a MacBook (since Max is only available for OSX and Windows), with the audio running out to the ThinkPad for processing and recording. Now everything can be done from just one laptop, without resorting to emulation/virtualization, which I believe is the first time this stack has ever been successfully put together. I have an all-in-one-box performance setup using almost entirely native Linux software.

Hopefully this will bring in more Linux-based monome artists. I put up a step-by-step HowTo on the monome wiki.

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