A bunch of roses, whilst the light looked great when the roses were displayed in the vase, some of the roses, decided to move into a hot spot.

For this timelapse, I shot one shot every five minutes for six days and then I went to bed LOL

The camera was a Canon 20D using a chinese timer and a mains power supply. The flowers were light by a soft box using one low energy, day light balanced light bulb.

I used to have access to a garage with mains power. The problem with garages is that the temperture varies greatly between day and night so the rate of change in the subject changes with the temperture.

For the edit about 30% to 40% of the frames were used. Better to have too many frames than not enough.

Shadow/highlight in after effects brought a fair bit of the detail back and time remapped in AE.

Music by me. Want to see another flowery time lapse ? vimeo.com/5028635

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