This video clip is informational for

* Acupuncturists who are interested in strengthening their skills for treating paralysis.

* Neuro/Paralysis patients and their friends/family who want to learn about what acupuncture can do for them.

* Other health professionals (physical therapists, neurologists, MDs ) who are interested in doing more for their patients.

Michael Akong, licensed acupuncturist in California, has been treating professionally over 10 years for neurological problems and severe paralysis with astounding results.

Here is a short interview with Dawn, a patient of Akong, who relates her experience with us.

Special thanks to Dawn and Terry for allowing us to do this interview.

Workshop information:

* Title: "The Treatment of Neurological Problems and Severe Paralysis" with Michael Akong and Andra Millian.

* When: April 29-May 1st, 2011

* Where: Austin, TX USA Holiday Inn Downtown. Thereafter online on-demand.

For more information go to

Michael Akong, L.Ac

Andra Millian, L.Ac

Project Walk in California

Roll 2 Walk in Texas

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