shot in Milan - edit, color grade and music in London

Directed, shot and edited by Renzo Vasquez
Choreography and performance by Silvia Razuk
Choreography and performance by Neda Ponzoni
Colorist - Edwin Metternich, Framestore, London
Music by Luca Sammuri
Produced by Renzo Vasquez
Assistant production Silvia Razuk and Alain Ngaleu
Behind the scenes - Alain Ngaleu
Digital Capture - Canon EOS 5D Mark II

In order to create a new dialogue between dance and film, the filmmaker Renzo Vasquez and the ballerina Silvia Razuk have being exploring possibilities of movement and audiovisual aesthetics.
Green Door dance film, came from a research in dance therapy and was created by the Brazilian duo in partnership with the Italian-Belgian ballerina Neda Ponzoni.
Dance therapy consists on the exploration of conflicts and contradictions of ourselves, therefore creating a poetic material for a dance film.
Shot on the streets, the idea was find connections between the architecture and the choreography to find out a new way to see the Dance using the Cinematography.
Physical Theatre and Modern Dance are tools explored on this film.

Festivals and screenings

Dança em Foco - International Festival of Vídeo and Dance - Rio de Janeiro
Official Selection - 2014

Electric Eclectic - Film & Music Event - London
Official Selection - 2013

Festival Internacional Danzalborde - Chile
Official Selection - 2011

Festival Mercado Livre da Dança - Flux Cia de Dança - Minas Gerais, Brazil
Official Selection - 2011

instalação VIVO - 2011 - São Paulo, Brazil
Official Selection - 2011

II FORUM ZAP 1 2 3 - Cataguases / MG, Brazil
Official Selection - 2011

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