The CREATORS SUPPLEMENT is the first of a series of Supplements from Champ Press.


I N S I G H T into design and creative thoughts from leading international creators.
This supplement shows beautiful images and wise words for cultural, social and economical reasons behind each creation.

+ F E A T U R I N G +

Omar Sosa | A P A R T A M E N T O | Barcelona
Thomas Marecki | L O D O W N | Berlin
Jonathan Mander | K A S I N O | Helsinki
Andrew Tuck | M O N O C L E | London
Paul Barbera | Melbourne + beyond
Liz Farrelly | London
Yasushi Fujimoto | C A P | Tokyo
Joe Allen Shea | I Z R O C K | Sydney
Misha & Shauna | PAMBOOKS | Melbourne
Benjamin Sommerhalder | NIEVES | Zurich
Taketo Oguchi | S H I F T | Sapporo
Vincent & Brian Wu | I N C U S t o r e s | Sydney + Melbourne
Abigail Crompton | T H I R D D R A W E R D O W N | Melbourne

Limited print run of 1 0 0
Including beautiful page 22 illustrations from established Melbourne-based artists


Aimed at inspiring creativity and innovative thinking, for current designers, creators and curious folk after an inclusive and entertaining read.

Creators are the innovators, the movers and shakers who have a grande idea and put it into action. What you're using, reading, working with that was a great idea.

This supplement was printed using a Risograph printer, the four-colour print process takes it back to the roots or publishing and print! Looking damn good too.


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