Create your own race game tracks by placing real stuff on the floor! Race with up to 4 virtual cars around anything you can find in your home...

This is the first fully functional version of my game prototype from 2009. The object detection is completely real-time, checkpoints can be placed to define the route, players can drop in or out of the game at any time, there is a combat game mode, in-game menu, HUD, etc.

The system uses a pc, modified camera and a video projector (they're getting really small and cheap, fast!)

First playable at Discovery Festival 2010 in Nemo, Amsterdam.
Featured at Mediamatic Arcade Exhibition (January 22 - March 27th, 2011).
Coming soon to ZKM, Karlsruhe.

Hope you liked it. Stay tuned for the next version! (including improved obstacle detection, AI opponents, improved gameplay, scoring, controller rumbling, headlight signaling, sparks flying, a new game mode and much much more!!)

Music by Quarta330 - 'Bleeps From Outer Space'

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